Slow build up Birthday!

There were a few bits that Aprilia wanted for her birthday, a marble slab for sweetie making, holes in her ears and some friends to come round and play.  Now, you would think that marble slabs were easily obtained at crafty type shops or at least cooking type shops really wouldn’t you… well, you’d be wrong!  Eventually, after much searching and phoning round I found her one at Cheshire Oaks which isn’t too far away and we decided that we could kill two birds with one stone and get her ears done at Claire’s whilst we were there on Thursday.  The primary mission was easily managed and a large and weighty slab of rock was purchased.  The secondary mission was a fail as Claire’s at CO don’t do ear piercing.  Hmph.  And then we noticed that Past Times is closing down which was sad as we have had all sorts of lovely bits and bobs from there over the years.  So we consoled ourselves with a browse in The Body Shop and bought a bag full of goodies at satisfyingly reduced prices (the more you buy, the bigger the discount!) and went home.

So, Friday morning I phoned the more local Claire’s to check that they do piercing before we set out.  Dolphins were the studs of choice and a small card of other assorted cutsy studs were bought ready for the day that the dolphins can come out and other random bits of metal can be put in the holes!  She was very nonchalant about the whole thing but was quite wobbly after as they started to smart a bit.  Then she accidentally bumped one of them and she was really very wobbly….. I was very sympathetic as I still remember how sore my ears were when I had them done.

Saturday was her birthday and really, it was a bit of a let down.  She’d already had both of the big ticket items and only had some woolen fleece, felting needles and some hair ornaments to unwrap which were all gratefully recieved but still, the big excitement was done with already.  Then she had to sit with me for over an hour waiting for the emergency dentist to tell me that my toothache was a gum infection, give me a prescription and tell me to buy lots of different toothpastes to sort it all out.  I think he must have shares in Glaxo/Welcome/whoever they are now as everything was their products.  Then she got shouted at by her riding instructor for “not having a good contact” (nope, no idea what that means, neither does Aprilia) and didn’t get praised at all for all the really good stuff that she did including a really good canter and managing to steer round another horse who stopped suddenly etc.  I’m thinking that we need to speak to the more lovely (older, with a better understanding of wobbly girls) instructor and owner and see if we can’t move her lesson to a time when it will be her all the time.  So, when she asked to go out for tea I thought it would be wise to agree 😀  We had a lovely meal at the carvery and I stuck pretty much to the diet apart from some cranberry sauce (well, you have to really don’t you 😉 ) and she was much jollier at the end of it all.

Sunday morning we tidied up (sort of, well, you know, threw all the craft overflow upstairs so that party food could be safely laid out….) baked chocolate cake, cooked pizzas, set out more calories, sorry, party food, than 4 girls could possibly hope to eat and generally got ready for the party.  The girls all arrived at once and giggling began…. and carried on for the entire time really 😀  There was much gossiping etc and then they headed into the kitchen to make sweets, got distracted by all the food and ate lots of it.  Then they made peppermint humbugs with remarkably little mess and, after a brief disaster, remarkably good results.  This was, aparently, the best party EVER.  Phew.

What has struck me this year is the change in gifts from toys and little girl stuff to much more mature gifts.  She was inexpressibly happy with a marble slab, something that I would never think to give to a child.  She got a propagator off my dad which is already set up on her window ledge with various salad and veggie seeds installed.  Her party guests bought her fashion accessories which were obviously well thought out as they were colours that she loves and suit her perfectly.  Her first project with her felting supplies was, as I knew it would be, to make “dreadlocks” in 4 different shades which she has worn continually since.  My baby is growing up.  Then again, she has spent a fair portion of her birthday money on a cuddly toy so maybe not quite so grown up yet…..

One thought on “Slow build up Birthday!

  1. Nic

    I love this phase of little girl mixed with older girl that we’re starting to see the start of here. Fab pic of Aprilia sweetie making too 🙂


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